The Hidden Benefits of Matcha: Why It’s Amazing for Your Skin

Thats why Rosie Matcha essential oil Soap is always be our client favorite!

???Clear and Even Out Your Complexion

If you’re looking for a natural way to clear and even out your complexion, look no further than matcha. It contains a property, chlorophyll, which will have your skin glowing and young again in no time.

Chlorophyll is produced in matcha during the last few weeks of its growing time by covering the leaves and protecting them from the sun right before harvest. It’s the chlorophyll that makes matcha a great option if you want to detox your skin. It cleanses your skin of toxins and then protects it against chemicals or impurities that would threaten to clog your pores and leave your skin vulnerable to blemishes and discoloration.

???Treat Acne

One of matcha’s most notable qualities is that it is a natural antibiotic agent. This means that it provides healing properties for your body, both internally and externally. While most acne care systems contain harsh chemicals that are dangerous for the skin, matcha provides a natural way to combat and even do away with acne.

Matcha contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which is known to combat the bacterial build up that contributes to pimples and blemishes. Thus, adding matcha to your moisturizer or using a face mask that contains it is a powerful way to ward off acne and cleanse the skin of bacteria.

???Prevent and Reverse Signs of Aging
That EGCG antioxidant that we just mentioned also has the power to slow cell degeneration. This can contribute to smoother, tighter skin. This means that fine lines and wrinkles can be prevented, and in some cases even reversed, with the use of matcha.

Catechins, which is a type of polyphenol found in matcha, give it antioxidants that can deactivate free radicals in your skin. Those free radicals contribute to signs of premature aging, so the result of deactivating them is younger, fresher looking skin.

???Use It As a Toner

The antioxidants and chlorophyll found in matcha also make it an excellent base for a skin toner, as it can fight off impurities and get rid of toxins, giving you a refreshed look any time you need.

Mix a bit of water and an essential oil (a scent you don’t mind having on your skin all day) with some matcha and then store it in a spray bottle in your refrigerator. Anytime you need a quick cleanse, you can spritz your skin with it and give it the quick glow it needs.

???Protect and Treat Sun Damage

Those polyphenols and catechins we’ve already mentioned also reduce the dangerous effects of UV radiation. Because of this, it will guard your skin from extreme weather conditions such as wind and sun.

If you do lay out a little bit too long and end up with a sunburn, matcha can be used to treat sunburn as well, as it reduces inflammation and heals the skin. Mix it with some aloe gel or even some lavender oil (which is also good for treating skin damage) to create a soothing applicant for your skin.

???Reduce Puffiness

We’ve all experienced puffiness and inflammation at one time or another, either from lack of sleep, bawling our eyes out during a sad movie, or simply experiencing the wear and tear of the chemicals and toxins found in our environment.

Matcha can help to reduce puffiness because it contains vitamin K, which can both lessen inflammation and those dark circles you get under your eyes.

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